Did you already click that bizarre email attachment? Has something gone wrong?

Most problems can be diagnosed and fixed within the comfort of your own home. Experienced, with the tools required, TechFriendly can get your computer back to running the way you want it to, whether it’s been infected with a virus or malware, just running slower than it used to, or plaguing you with blue screens and crashes. One call can get you back to computing bliss!

I offer computer and technology support, training and advice for small businesses in and around St. Albert.

I’ve been working in tech support for twenty years now, and for the last six I’ve been a stay at home dad. Now the little munchkin is in full time education I’m going back to what I know and I look forward to helping, training and supporting people and businesses.

So what specifically can I help with?  Well first of all it’s best to call, understanding the requirements helps me to give you a straight forward answer.

Here are some issues:-

Computer Healthchecks
Slow running computers
Upgrade advice
File permissions and user access
Backup solutions
Helping people keep in touch
Hardware & Software Purchasing
WiFI Troubleshooting and Installations
Virus removal and Antivirus installation
Computer wipe and restore

These items are frequently requested:-

Drop in, ‘fix all these small issues’ calls for small businesses.
Office 365 administration
Server installation
System monitoring
Remote access
Hardware and software auditing
Computer retasking

If it’s not on the list call 🙂  And if I can’t help, I may know someone who can!


I charge:

$90 per hour for PC software and hardware support.

$120 for Server and other specialized work and consultancy.

Please contact me with questions about out of hours work.

Call-out is normally free unless it takes more than 15 minutes to reach you, then it’s charged at my hourly rate.

Any questions? Happy to answer them