Windows 7 is Dead, Long Live Windows 10!

On January 14th Windows 7 officially reached End of Life (EOL). So what does this mean to you?

DON’T PANIC! You have some good options 🙂

Here are the Main Risks

* Over time your computer will become less secure, as bugs and security issues will no longer be fixed. This means that your computer will be more vulnerable to viruses and other malware.

* Companies will stop updating their own software for Windows 7. This means that you will not get the latest updates for the software you use.

So what should you do?

* Update to Windows 10, either by replacing your computer, or by updating Windows on your existing hardware. If you purchased the computer in the last 6 years, you should be good.

* In the meantime, keep your antivirus up to date, and be careful with what you do on the internet, and what you click in your email.

The risk with keeping Windows 7 will increase as time progresses, but you can limit your risks.

If you want help or advice please get in touch.

Lenovo is a great brand for Laptops, and we sell them!

I love it when a plan comes together  Last year, after careful consideration, I chose Lenovo as my supplier for business computers. So far I’ve been very happy with them, it can take a little while for delivery, but the quality has been top notch.

Now Endgadget have come out with their laptop brand reviews for 2018, and Lenovo are top once again. It’s nice to be vindicated!

Backup all the Data!!!!!


It’s interesting how the same problems clump together. This morning, within an hour of each other, two different people having problems with their laptops not loading up.

Generally this is a software fault, but it can be a virus, and it can be hardware failure. Now normally it’s not the physical computer than people are worried about, but the data on it.

People now have thousands of pictures on their laptops, plus work docs and all kinds of other personal information.

My best advice, back up your computers! Get an external drive, or some kind of cloud storage, and make sure what matters to you is safe. A broken hard drive can cause a lot of heartache..

Google Analytics – Understand your internet traffic


I’ve just been introduced to Google analytics, a cool way to understand who’s coming to your website, and what they’re doing on it .

Now I’m a beginner, but the company that knows a lot about it is Platypi Designs. They are holding a free lunchtime seminar, a kind of  Google analytics 101, on March 22  Prior experience not required, but you will need to bring your own lunch.

My experience, from the seminar I went to, was very positive.  No hard sell, and Tanya was very helpful and knowledgeable.

If you decide to go, let Tanya know where you heard about it.  I sometimes need to.prove that I can be nice 🙂

Internet Security

Nowadays we have a huge  number of options when it comes to anti-virus software, and that’s without even considering anti-malware and anti-phishing and anti-ransomeware.  So I’ve been looking at what are the best options available for my company and my clients, to simplify things a bit 🙂

My choice is Bitdefender, it protects against everything mentioned above, it’s well priced, and it consistently ranks very highly in tests.

Contact me if you’d like more information.

New Customers and New Hardware

Exciting week! As well as picking up another couple of clients, I’ve also configured and sold my first Server. It’s a Lenovo ThinkServer TD350. Really nice and clean inside, loads of room for expansion and redundancy options.

Plus I’m also expecting delivery of my first laptop as well. This one is a ThinkPad 460s. It’s light, sturdy, powerful and extremely well made.

TechFriendly Now Selling Lenovo© Computers to you Lucky, Lucky People

Good News Everyone!

I can now sell Lenovo computers to all and sundry.

Lenovo is one of the top three PC suppliers in the world. Their machines consistently review well, and my experience of them has been very positive.

You can look at all their shiny stuff here:

My prices are competitive, both compared to BestBuy and Amazon, and you get to support a local business 🙂

Here is the first model I sold. It’s an M900 Tiny desktop. It’s only 1.36″ x 7.20″ x 7.05″ and weighs less than 2lbs. (Roughly the size of a hardback book).

You can connect up to three monitors to this bad boy, it has up to 6 usb 3.0 ports and it has wi-fi and bluetooth built in.