Windows 7 is Dead, Long Live Windows 10!

On January 14th Windows 7 officially reached End of Life (EOL). So what does this mean to you?

DON’T PANIC! You have some good options 🙂

Here are the Main Risks

* Over time your computer will become less secure, as bugs and security issues will no longer be fixed. This means that your computer will be more vulnerable to viruses and other malware.

* Companies will stop updating their own software for Windows 7. This means that you will not get the latest updates for the software you use.

So what should you do?

* Update to Windows 10, either by replacing your computer, or by updating Windows on your existing hardware. If you purchased the computer in the last 6 years, you should be good.

* In the meantime, keep your antivirus up to date, and be careful with what you do on the internet, and what you click in your email.

The risk with keeping Windows 7 will increase as time progresses, but you can limit your risks.

If you want help or advice please get in touch.

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